A truly collaborative medical imaging solution

Accelarad offers you a true multi-tenant cloud platform for exchanging medical images among organizations, physicians and patients. What does that mean? It means you get a network of users who benefit from one shared application.

It means collaboration:

  • Contact and referral building
  • Medical image exchange
  • Document sharing
  • Secure messaging

We simplify communication across facilities, physicians, patients and geographic boundaries with a medical image exchange platform that integrates with existing solutions. We eliminate redundancy and expense by replacing CD’s and help you take the first steps toward health information exchange, care coordination and accountable, patient-centered care.

medical image exchange

Improve workflow through the cloud

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows you to improve workflow without the costs, headaches and slowdowns associated with most implementations. Because Accelarad offers a cloud-based medical imaging solution, there is no hardware or software to implement and maintain.

So no matter where diagnostic images, reports or documents originate, you can access them securely whenever you need them—making care coordination as intuitive as sending email.

Your organization, the center of a community

Care coordination is all about sharing within a local, regional and even national community. Just as social media networks connect people, we connect the extended healthcare team through our medical imaging solution.

A hub-and-spoke deployment model—with you at the center—builds physician and patient loyalty as it fosters referrals. It also opens up innovative revenue potential as healthcare delivery models evolve.

We help you build relationships among the organizations, physicians and patients throughout the continuum of care for a more collaborative, connected community.

Accessibility in a mobile age

Accelarad enables coordination across departments, across organizations and among physicians from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Our iPhone and iPad apps, for example, give you accessibility at any time, from any location.

Care coordination has never been this simple or secure

We’re transforming medical image exchange by combining the ease and expedience of social networking with high-level security protocols. Regardless of geographic location, medical discipline or technology platform, we connect healthcare organizations, physicians and patients in a seamless, secure network.

As participating physicians invite colleagues to join the Accelarad community, the network grows and becomes more valuable. Faster, easier communication broadens collaboration and contributes to better patient outcomes.