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Kansas City - June 2013
Salt Lake City - June 2013
Denver - July 2013
North Carolina - July 2013
Dallas - September 2013
Tennessee - September 2013
South Atlantic - October 2013
Central Florida - October 2013
Ohio - December 2013
Minnesota - January 2014
Atlanta - February 2014
Las Vegas - February 2014
Arizona - April 2014
- April 2014

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As the largest provider of cloud-based image sharing, Accelarad has successfully joined thousands of facilities and is proud of the many successes that have resulted from connecting patients, doctors, communities and the country.
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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to patient care that value cannot be minimized. Connect America enables instant medical image sharing, in full diagnostic resolution, over the Internet.

Connect America, a campaign offered by Accelarad, provides significant benefits for participating facilities in regions across North America. Connect America links hospitals, physician practices and imaging centers to ensure easy access to patient images and improved care.

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Apr 17, 2014 Nuance PowerShare Network Unveiled for Cloud-Based Medical Imaging and Report Exchange

Mar 14, 2014 Accelarad Named a TAG top 40 Innovative Technology Company

Jan 22, 2014 SearchHealthIT: Health IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Puts Rural Providers On the Grid

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